Our History

Guarantor Loans - an old fashioned idea!

Before the 1970s banks would make lending decisions based on relationships and trust. If someone wanted a loan their local bank would often simply ask for someone who trusted them to guarantee it. Then things changed, computer credit scores took over and people found they were unable to access credit via traditional lending because their score didn’t fit.

Whilst Amigo Loans was the first guarantor lender to be granted authorisation by the FCA in the UK, this isn’t a new idea. In the UK, guarantor mortgages have been around for some time and many university students rely on a guarantor when they rent their first flat.

What Amigo Loans is doing is important because it makes borrowing possible for millions of ordinary people who are being excluded by mainstream lending providers. This offers an attractive alternative to high-cost loans, such as payday loans and other forms of non-standard finance.

Amigo's History

  • FLM Loans is launched, founded by James Benamor and Richmond Group Limited
  • Online customer service introduced
  • Paperless online application process launched
  • FLM rebranded to Amigo Loans and has built its profile through advertising campaigns
  • Amigo removes all fees, including set up fees and late payment fees
  • Awarded Best Credit Builder product from Moneynet.co.uk
  • Winner of Treating Customers Fairly Award from Credit Today
  • Ranked 23rd Best Company to Work for in the Sunday Times
  • Awarded Employer of the Year at the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards
  • FCA authorization received
  • Winner of Best Brand and Non-Standard Consumer Lender of the Year at the F5 awards
  • Winner of Best Guarantor Loan Provider at the Consumer Credit Awards
  • Break £1billion lent to customers
  • Amigo launches first smartphone App
  • Winner for the fifth year of Best Credit Builder in the Moneynet Awards
  • List on the London Stock Exchange