Amigo Community

Our Values

Since our inception in 2005, we’ve always had a strong sense of social, environmental and economic responsibility and an understanding that our success depends on having happy, healthy employees, satisfied customers and being a positive ambassador within not only the financial industry but also our local community. Our values have grown out of this understanding and the culture we’ve built over the years.

We have 5 business values; simple, human, honest, ownership and focus. These values form the bedrock of everything we do, driving not only the service we deliver to our customers, but also the way we approach our responsibility as an employer and our responsibilities to our local community and the environment.

Our values have led to involvement in a number of community and charity projects, a commitment to providing a cafe that is far above industry standard, delivering healthy meals to our staff, an innovative ‘on boarding’ process and an office wide engagement with recycling and looking after our planet, amongst many other things. They have allowed us to create an Amigo community where customers, employees, investors and the various causes we support really matter.

Our values also lead us to continue to push for further improvement and excellence, not being satisfied to just continue doing what we’re already doing, but to be open to new ideas, thinking and ways of doing things.

As our Amigo community continues to grow these values help us strengthen relationships with all our stakeholders, build trust, reduce operating costs, mitigate risks and attract and retain the most dynamic, smart and innovative talent in a crowded marketplace.

Living Healthier Lives

Amigo takes pride in enabling our staff to live healthy, active lives. We offer a number of benefits which encourage staff to exercise. This includes free gym membership to a local gym which is a 2 minute walk away from the office. This enables lunch time workouts, as well as visits before and after work. We also have a weekly Yoga class, Pilates classes and guided meditation sessions.

On top of this, to help employees build strong relationships while still being active, we encourage and fund physical events such as Tough Mudder, the Bournemouth Bay run and even climbing the odd mountain!

Recently we have looked to increase awareness of mental health issues. This has included hosting a number of activities on World Mental Health Day, inviting guest speakers to talk about their experiences, training a number of Amigos as mental health first aiders, introducing a new 24/7 support line for Amigos to have access to and offering mental health awareness training to all employees.

We are aware our staff can often be sedentary while at work so we offer seated and lie down massages for free. This helps reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries while also providing therapeutic and stress reducing environment for relaxation.

Further health benefits include healthy meal options in our café, fruit and salads available each day along with vegetarian and vegan lunch options and healthy juices for a perfect breakfast.

Looking after our planet

Here at Amigo we are very conscious of the impact we have on our environment, perhaps heightened due to our close proximity to the award winning beaches and stunning natural scenery of the Dorset coastline. We are committed to ensuring we operate in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible through our AmiGO Green initiative.

Over the past year we have made a difference by looking at how our fantastic on-site staff cafe operates, encouraging our employees to be as environmentally conscious as possible and regularly reviewing the products widely used by our employees. In 2018 we replaced the 48,400 plastic straws the business was using each year with cardboard recyclable straws. The 82,000 plastic cups the business was using each year have been replaced with glass options. The 108,000 non recyclable hot cups the business was using each year have been replaced with a fully recyclable version and usage reduced to 62,000 by introducing china options.

We have also moved from using plastic milk cartons to a dispensing system generating approximately one tenth of the plastic waste.

We are really proud of the reduction in plastic usage that we have seen in just a year but it doesn’t stop there. By introducing food recycling in the office we have reduced the amount non recyclable waste that we produce dramatically, with 12 bins of unwanted food being recycled each week.

We aim to continue making improvements in 2019, with the cafe team looking to completely remove non-recyclable individual drinks containers as one example of what we have planned.

Positively impacting our community

Amigo is involved in a number of charitable activities and have developed new charitable partnerships in 2019 with 4 local, and 1 national, charities. The charities that we have chosen to support particularly focus on helping vulnerable adults and we hope to develop an ongoing and long term relationship with each of them, to help us provide more comprehensive and informed support.

We run a scheme which encourages staff to make a donation to charity each month through their wages and have re launched this in 2019 with 4 new local charities, voted for by our employees.

As well as increasing the financial support we offer to charitable causes, we also want to offer more opportunity for our Amigos to get personally involved in causes that matter to them and offer their time, while still being supported by the business. As part of this in April 2019 we launched a paid volunteering scheme for our employees.

We also run a number of events throughout the year which raise further funds for charity and are championed by our Amigo employees. This has included employees shaving their heads for charity, employees training to compete in a charity boxing match, employees arranging charity fundraising nights in the office and even one employee getting a tattoo for charity!

In total, during the 2018/19 financial year our Amigos have raised and donated £26,229 towards local causes and over £10,000 to national and international causes.

Providing a great place to work

At Amigo we pride ourselves on looking after our staff from the moment they join the business, throughout their career and progression with us.

When an employee joins the business they enter our Academy, a program designed in house to ensure that every new employee receives a complete introduction to the business and serving our customers.

As an Amigo employee each person has access to our range of unique and innovative benefits. Many of these benefits have been designed around the concept of fixing everyday problems for our employees such as providing good, healthy food each day, or cheaper family holidays. Our benefits include a fantastic, restaurant quality cafe, holiday accommodation in 3 countries, being able to bring your dog to work, access to a series of luxury electric cars, free tickets to a number of local festivals, lie down and seated massages, subsidised haircuts, free health care, birthdays off and a number of discounts at local shops and restaurants.

We also work hard to recognise and reward talent. We take a very personalised approach to how people grow. We have promoted many people internally and have found ways to grow, support and encourage employees and then given them opportunities. This includes manager development programmes and schemes which help agents enter a variety of support roles, such as project management.

What we've been up to

What we have planned

At Amigo we are always striving for improvement, looking for any way in which we can develop. The future therefore holds a number of exciting opportunities for us including:


Our cafe team continuing their commitment to going as green as possible, making it even easier for employees to recycle and reducing our plastic usage as much as possible.


Expanding the support we offer to local charities and developing new schemes to enable agents to become more involved with the charities we support and the charities that mean a lot to them.

Mental Health

Further increasing mental health awareness through a number of employees training to become mental health first aiders.