About Us

Amigo Holdings PLC

On 23 March 2023 Amigo announced that it has ceased offering new loans, with immediate effect, and would start the orderly solvent wind-down of the business.

Amigo provided guarantor loans in the UK from 2005 to 2020 and unsecured loans under the RewardRate brand from October 2022, offering access to mid‐cost credit to those who are unable to borrow from traditional lenders due to their credit histories.

Amigo’s back book of loans is in the process of being run off with all net proceeds due to creditors under a Court approved Scheme of Arrangement. Amigo Loans Ltd and Amigo Management Services Ltd are authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our values

  • We put customers first

    We are passionate about delivering positive outcomes that meet our customers' needs.

  • We are human

    We are welcoming and embrace diversity. We respect and listen to each other.

  • We act with integrity

    We are open and honest. We aim to do what is right and fair. Always.

  • We own the outcome

    We find solutions and deliver excellence. We question and challenge the status quo.

Our purpose

We’re here to provide those with few options to borrow the opportunity to achieve financial mobility.

Our vision

To break down the barriers to financial inclusion, creating a community where people are rewarded and empowered to achieve financial mobility.

Our customer-focused outcomes

Everything we do is designed with customer outcomes in mind.


Customers with few or no options to borrow have access to fair, affordable and responsible loans that meet their needs.

Financial wellness

Customers are empowered and provided with tools and education to help improve their financial wellbeing.


Customers are provided with flexibility and enhanced support that meet their individual needs and accounts for any potential vulnerability.

Customer experience

Customers are provided with an exceptional customer experience and are assured their needs are put first.